Research group leaders


Ulf Gunnarsson

Photo of Ulf Gunnarsson

“Medical education leads to a profession with a broad responsibility for human life and health, a fact that puts special emphasis on the training of attitudes and behaviour. In this respect the teacher’s own behaviour and good example is important in the training of skills essential for the students’ future professional role.”

During the autumn 1986, Ulf started his journey as a medical candidate at the Karolinska Institute. Surgery and research have followed his professional path, and focus has more and more landed on colorectal surgery and abdominal wall surgery. Between the years 2007-2010, Ulf served at the Karolinska University Hospital as a professor of surgery and consultant responsible for colorectal surgery. There he led the formation of a unit for advanced abdominal wall surgery. Within this unit, many new methods for evaluation and reconstruction of complicated abdominal wall defects have been developed.

In 2001, Ulf started his research group focusing on colorectal cancer and abdominal wall surgery. During 2016 this group was named Clister. In 2004, Ulf and Wilhelm Graf initiated the yearly recurring Uppsala Hernia Day, arranged at Uppsala University Hospital, and today Karin Strigård is also a member of the organizer group.

Since 2007 Ulf is a professor of surgery at the Karolinska Institute. In 2014 he also assumed the position as a professor of surgery at Umeå University. Ulf’s special competences include colorectal surgery and advanced abdominal wall surgery, including reconstruction of more advanced and recurring abdominal wall defects, stoma problems and entero-cutaneous fistula.

Main supervisor of: Christoffer Odensten, Jeff Wennerlund, Mikael Lindmark, Niillas Blind


Karin Strigård

Photo of Karin Strigård

"My role is to guide the student in finding their way to becoming a clinically competent physician with the theoretical knowledge, ethical and genus considerations involved."

Karin started her medical training 1979. In 1993 she qualified as a specialist in surgery. Karin was one of two surgeons responsible for the introduction of laparoscopic colorectal surgery in Stockholm in 1997. Her chosen orientation was colorectal surgery and advanced abdominal wall surgery. In 2002, Karin received accreditation as a colorectal surgeon.

Among other things, Karin has developed a new, scientifically approved method for 3D intrastomal ultrasonography, which is now used clinically. During 2001 she initiated a collaboration program for the treatment of ventral hernia together with the Reconstructive Plastic Surgery unit at the Karolinska University Hospital. This has led to the development of new procedures concerning reconstruction of advanced abdominal defects.

Since 2011, Karin operates from the University Hospital of Umeå, currently as a senior physician at the Centre of Surgery and as a professor at the Department of Surgery. Special competences include colorectal surgery, endoanal, endorectal and intrastomal 3D ultrasound as well as abdominal wall surgery and reconstruction of advanced abdominal wall defects.

Main supervisor of: Aapo Inkiläinen, Johan Nyman, Karin Adamo, Viktor Holmdahl